We hear a lot of stories of homeowners outraged that their appraiser found their special remodeling projects added zero value to their home. That expensive imported Italian tile or the pool you added to your backyard may have immense value to you, but unfortunately these things just aren’t items that prospective home buyers are going to value while shopping in your neighborhood. Here at YD Designs, your trusted source for custom cabinetry in Brooklyn, we want to help you get the most bang for your home improvement buck.

Today we’re giving you a few tips on which home improvements actually help boost your home’s value.

  1. Indoor systems. Before you consider cosmetic improvements, you should always make all needed upgrades, repairs, and replacements to the home’s major systems. This includes plumbing, heating, sewer, electrical, etc.
  2. Outdoor replacement projects. These types of projects will add more value than remodeling projects and they’re fortunately the least expensive and add to your home’s curb appeal. Consider replacing your garage door, siding, the front door, and the windows.
  3. Consider adding an attic bedroom if you can. You can expect to recoup around 72.5% of the cost of adding the attic bedroom when you sell your home.
  4. Kitchen improvements. Kitchens are the heart of a family home and anything you do to improve your kitchen will add value. Paint it, add some new custom cabinets, replace the vinyl floor with tile or laminate, and add new fixtures and lighting.  If you’re on a budget, you can sand your existing cabinets and then paint or stain them.