It doesn’t matter where you’re putting in cabinets – colors play a huge role in the harmony of your living spaces. You need to consider how your cabinetry will interact with the color of your floors and ceilings. Matching colors exactly make for a dull room, but colors that are different while being part of a whole make coordinating a room effortless. In order to get the result you want, read the following tips before you dive in.

  1. Know your color terms.
    • Knowing the following terms will make the whole process much easier. Hue means a true color, so when someone talks about basic green, gold, or brown, they’re talking about hue. Shade refers to a hue with black added, which makes it darker. Tint means a hue with white added, making it lighter. Tone means gray has been added to a hue to make it more intriguing.
  2. Use a single hue.
    • If you use one hue in your space, it will be coordinated. Simple select a hue and then use different shades, tones, or tints of it. For example, if you wanted a blue kitchen, use medium blue for your cabinets, tinted blue for the ceiling, and shaded blue for your floor.
  3. Blend your colors
    • Look at a color wheel. Colors beside or across from one another usually work together. For example, you could use red, orange, and yellow in a room. Instead of using plain red, orange, and yellow around the room, use reddish clay tiles, orange-tinted cabinets, and a faintly yellow ceiling.

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