Welcome to the YD Designs blog. As this is our first entry into the blogosphere, we thought we would simply let some of our previous clients talk about our custom cabinetry projects and introduce you to our Testimonials page. Every project gets expert attention that will make your house a unique home. The blog will be the place to check in on the latest happenings for the company. We will also share custom cabinetry news, principles, and practices. Be sure to check out our testimonials below too!

Amazing Quality

“We were so pleased with everything that YD Designs did for us. The quality was amazing and they were able to deliver everything on the projected date. They were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for custom specialty work. They worked well with both my builder and interior design team, and were professional, courteous and honest. I look forward to using them again for future projects.”

–Jennifer Sitt – Deal, NJ


“My wife Ruth and I want to commend a superb father and Son team on a job very well done. Yoel and Joe lived up to their promises and produce fine quality products. It is hard for me to count how many projects YD Designs have worked on in my home, but I can say with confidence, that every project was finished successfully and to my wife’s satisfaction — not an easy task in itself!”

–Ruth & Eddie Schweky – Brooklyn, NY